The cattery MY CAT'S CRADLE exists since 2005
 registered in WCF and TICA systems
Domicile - Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia
Hello, my name is Maria. I am an owner of  cattery MY CAT'S CRADLE.
Long ago also it is seriously keen on breed a Maine Coon
It has begun with love… My love to all creatures including cats. I became the owner of Maine Coon cat accidentally. And I have been enchanted since then…
 It is important for me to ensure the quality and health of our kittens, to provide the best conditions to make them healthy and strong in order to please their owners by their beauty and affection.
Kittens in our nursery are well socialized. They easily associate with each other as well as with another cats, dogs or children. Each kitten is kept in a “cradle” of love and care from the very moment of birth. I wish them to meet the same treatment in their new homes, to live a long and happy life.
Thank you for your visit to our site. If you are interested in our kittens or need any details, please contact us:
         - My Cat’s Cradle питомник кошек породы мейн кун Казань

Дизайн: Миределина Ольга / Программирование: Тимур

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