Maine Coon is a perfect creature of nature, a sample of wild beauty of aboriginal cat. It`s place of origin is North America. These marvelous cats combine strength and gracefulness of a wild animal with a good temper and unlimited devotion to their owners. Their giant dimensions and high intelligence, cheerful temper and perfect health,  harmonious constitution and undemanding hair – these are the characteristics that make the breed extremely attractive for nursing, inspire people with love to this outstanding cat.


Maine Coon is known as “an intellectual” among cats, it stands out for it`s sanguine temper and complete absence of aggression. It has perfectly saved the natural hunting instincts, but they never direct to your pets or family. The cat can easily catch a mouse, but will never touch your pet-hamster. Maine Coon is faithful, but not importunate, he attentively watches for his master and takes part in his activities. He is self-reliable and positive, active but never performs “crazy skipping”. Maine Coon needs physical trainings and cool, therefore it is well to give him an opportunity to walk in the open air. Nevertheless, if your conditions do not allow to, he will enjoy spending winter evenings having nestled up to you on the sofa. His hair doesn`t need any care virtually, as since it never gets wet and tangled. It`s enough to brush a cat with a sparse-tooth comb once a week.


Maine Coon likes water. This doesn`t mean he likes you to wash him, but he takes pleasure in splashing in a basin.


Main Coons` inherent manner to eat “with fingers” pinning pieces of meat by a claw and putting it into mouth is explained by construction of their jaw-bones created for eating wild fowl. Therefore he will be grateful to his master for feeding him by hands.


Maine Coon is an ideal companion for both a single man and a family with children, dogs and a number of cats. He easily adapt to different conditions and doesn`t put to any inconvenience.

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